Our Facility

First Occupied In 1985


Developed as the Perry Printing Headquarters providing class A office space including the companies sales and administrative executives.

Class A Corporate Headquarters


Entrance level featured a two story atrium with natural lighting from the south facing shaded glass wall and skylights. This space remains today and provides an impressive entrance as well as a basket ball court. 

Interior Features


Over 50,000 SF on three levels

Indoor underground parking for 30 cars

Large and small office layouts available

Energy Efficiency Was Built In


State of the art in energy efficient building design utilizing passive solar techniques for cooling and harvesting internal heat gain. 



Site development includes extensive natural landscaping and a bio swale to filter water from the parking lots. 

Beautiful natural outdors spaces


Building occupants can access the outdoor decks over looking the river and lawn game space. 

Opertunities for your Business

Large open office spaces


We provide spaces with open office areas in the 5000 SF range. Additional individual offices surround the open office. 

Smaller Office Suites


We also provide smaller office suites that feature their own bathrooms with showers in some cases. Suites range from 1000 SF and up. 

Shared Office Space


Our incubator includes shared facilities. Kitchen, showers, internet throughout, shared conference room.

Beautiful Natural Lighting


We provide spaces with beautiful views to the surrounding natural setting and bathed with natural light from window walls and skylights.

Natural Views From Your Office


Offices have excellent views to the surround natural environment.

Incubator Offices Have Natural Lighting and Views


Central shared incubator space features are surrounded by offices with natural lighting and exterior views.

Common Area Features

The Atrium Is Your Break Room


The atrium features a basketball exercise area with a great view to the outside and plenty of natural lighting

Common Space Activities


Natural lighting in the shared atrium space provides a great environment for your employees and guests to relax and get some exercise.  

Exercise Equipment


The facility is equipped with exercise equipment and plenty of areas for wellness activities. 

The Atrium Provides An Impressive Entrance


The main entrance features the two story atrium with skylight and access to the elevator. Priority parking is right out front. 

Individual Waiting Space Is Available Outside Offices


Individual offices have opportunity to use shared waiting room and reception spaces.

Common Coffee Stations On Both floors


Convenient coffee and employee kitchens are provided off of hallways.